Photomanager is a jury system suitable for all photo clubs organizing games in which scores are sent wirelessly by jury members to your computer.

Installation(s) 1 3 5
Configured jury devices 5 5 5
Member management
Overflowing game pics
Championship games
Games with prices
Overflowing the winners
Export to excel

It's perfectly possible to create your own photomanager product. Below are some of our modules with their prices.

Image checker

Image checker allows you to check photos for file format, resolution and name in case of club championships. No more manually checking and losing time before each game.

Follow-up tools

With these follow-up tools it's possible through a web browser to instantly see who and what score was already passed. It can also be used to encourage jury members to pass their score ...


No website yet? Or is your website on renewal? Contact us for free and we will provide a new "modern" website, with standard 4 pages and automatic listing of the score after each game.

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